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During the five-year production of my film ‘Grain’ I‘ve started writing short stories which were initially a continuation of my collection of stories called ‘Encounters’ and later evolved to a treatment then a film script.

The stories focus on individuals each from a different class and spectrum of society, who are dealing with problems due to the fast paced change in the society where I live in. The lost values cannot be replaced with new ones while individuals have a hard time adjusting to their social roles all of which result in inner tension. On the other hand the growing competitiveness in every walk of life creates feeling of inadequacy while the injustice that the individuals bear witness to troubles their conscience. The struggle of love, marriage, death and generation gap in the shadow of the changing social roles... My lead characters are modern people who are struggling with the burden of all that.


Semih Kaplanoglu

Writer & Director 


Commitment Aslı 2019

Aslı, a young mother who is trying to find a nanny to get back to work, finally meets young Gulnihal.

Gulnihal is also a mother. With Gulnihal coming into her life, Aslı faces her secrets which she has been avoiding herself.

The first digital film from the director was the Academy Award Nominee of Turkey.  


Making his living from gardening and farming in the land he inherited from his father, Hasan tries to get rid of the power pole that is going to be installed in the midst of his land. His impending voyage to Mecca for pilgrimage leads to soul searching into his past.

IMG_0367 (2).jpg

in development

The last film in the 'Commitment Trilogy', 'Fikret’ is about Istanbul. 


Film director Fikret returns to İstanbul from Berlin, where he has been living for a while, in order to make A. H. Tanpınar’s cult novel 'A Mind At Peace', set in a pre-WWII Istanbul into a movie.

His return brings him back not only to Istanbul but to his past that he thought he left behind.


As the story unfolds, 1930s Istanbul merges into 2020s Istanbul and the lost soul of the city reflects on the mirror of both Fikret’s and the protagonist’s hopeless love.

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